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Understanding colostrum – the miracle ingredient in theCream: Health 2000

Do you know that colostrum is one of the most nutritious, living-giving substances supplied by nature. theCream skincare uses colostrum collected from the surplus of NZ grass fed, non-housed dairy herds, to not only nourish your skin, but feed it too.
One of the unique features of theCream skincare is the utilisation of bio-available colostrum as a health and beauty builder. 

The world’s finest, clean, green, New Zealand colostrum is collected from the surplus produced by the year-round grass fed, non-housed, non-hormone fed, natural-grazing dairy herds. The herds are spread over a large geographical area, which maximises the immune factors. The colostrum is not heat damaged but low temperature dried at dedicated drying plants.

Here are some interesting facts about colostrum:

  • Colostrum is not milk, but is the first 72 hours of excretion through the mammary glands (udders or breasts of all mammals, including humans) immediately after birth. It is one of the most nutritious, living-giving substances supplied by nature.
  • In any newborn mammal, including humans, the young are born with many biological systems not functioning. This is because the baby was getting all life support from the mother prior to birth. Nature supplies colostrum to the newborn not only for nutrition at this vital time, but also the electrical impulses that trigger the newborn’s systems to turn on and function.
  • Colostrum contains a precise balance of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids essential for normal metabolism, growth, and development. It has growth factors which not only build and restore skin, but have been shown to the slow the signs of ageing and support the skin when applied topically. Vitamins and minerals, along with coenzymes, enable chemical or electrical processes in the body and are indispensable for the maintenance of health. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins required for growth and development. Colostrum contains them all!
  • Colostrum assists in regeneration and improves normal growth of aged or injured skin, collagen, muscle, hone, cartilage, and nerve tissue.
  • Colostrum gives life to our cells and is one of the most revered skin support compounds. Mothers have used colostrum for centuries, not only as the ultimate food for their newborns but to alleviate any skin damage, soreness, or irritation.

theCream is the perfect solution for healthy beautiful skin. It’s a rich, concentrated range of skincare with colostrum as the powerful superfood, along with all-natural ingredients and actives that nourish and support all ages and skin types.

theCream is super concentrated, so only a small amount is necessary. It helps support your skin’s ability to stay youthful and fresh, even in harsh environments. Instantly hydrating and improving skin moisture balance, it smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while improving skin tone and texture, and assisting with increased firmness and elasticity.

You will find no chemicals, preservatives, parabens, petrochemicals, heavy metals, mineral oil, alcohol, or fillers in theCream. The airless vacuum packaging maintains product integrity and freshness.


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