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Traffic Light System at Lash Lounge Nelson

?Traffic light system ?
From 11.59pm December 2nd, NZ will move to the traffic light system.

What does this mean for my appointments?
❤️ red level – you will need to show your vaccination passport before your appointment.
? orange level – you will need to show your vaccination passport before your appointment.
? green level – open to all vaccinated and unvaccinated!

Unfortunately in order for my business to continue to operate I will have to follow these guidelines.
Im truly sadenned it has come to this, I honestly thought we would have more time ?‍♀️
I know I will have to say “see you soon” to some of my amazing clients ?. But I hope it isn’t for good ❤️
This wasn’t an easy decision for me to make and I’ve weighted up both options, and rather than shutting the doors to Lash Lounge Nelson for good (which we would probably have to do otherwise) I will continue to operate within these guidelines, so when and If those of you this effects decide to come back I will be here waiting for you with open arms and a glass of wine ?
? Side note; Please understand I’ m ? pro choice and in no way, shape or form am I descriminating or judging anyones decision as I know we are all walking different paths and have different reasons for & against, it’s just what I have to do atm to keep the business operational.
I just hope you can find it in your ? to understand why I have had to make this decision.
If you have any further questions or if you require clarity please don’t hesitate to message me ?

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