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Umbrella Market 2021: Nelson City Presents

It’s that time of year where we get rid of our old things to make way for the new. A market is fun way to buy and sell bargains but why should adults have all the fun? This market has been designed for anyone under 17.

Using an upside-down umbrella as your base to sell unwanted goods, children/youth will learn about value of goods and recycling.

*Under 16-year-olds will need a parent/guardian onsite for the duration of the event.

Register to have a spot by clicking the form above (see website section).

Or if selling isn’t your thing, bring along your pocket money and get ready to grab some bargains!

Please note we will be abiding by COVID Level restrictions.

What’s not to love about a good second-hand market?! The Umbrella Market is a little bit special as it’s run by the kids for the kids, next Saturday and the following Saturday, at 1903 Square, top of Trafalgar Street in the central city.
The name comes from each stall centering around an upturned umbrella with the goods inside. Young people 8 to 16 years are welcome to buy and sell from 10am-1pm.
To REGISTER for a space:
Come along and support – this is recycling at its best! Another fun community event by Nelson City Council

Click here to find out more…

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