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Hans snuck a birthday past us on Friday!: Halifax Veterinary Centre

Hans snuck a birthday past us on Friday! It hasn’t been the easiest couple of years for small business owners but Hans always comes through with a cheerful smile, positivity and so much support for our team. Halifax is such an amazing, fun, progressive and family-friendly place to work and it’s all because of this man.
Hans, thanks so much for all you do for the team here and also for the pets of Nelson. Happy birthday!!
If you’ve got a fun or sweet Hans story please do share below and wish Hans a belated happy birthday ???

Oh Willow, such an expressive face! ?
Willow came in recently to have some lumps checked out. It was decided that she needed an updated tumour map so that we could track every lump, assessing them all individually and making detailed records (including measurements) so that we can easily check back each visit to see if there have been any changes.
Tumour maps are a bit like mole maps for humans and perform a really important function for ‘lumpy’ pets.
After finishing the map, we decided that a few of the lumps needed cytology to take a look at the cells inside and make sure they weren’t nasty. Any nasty lumps could then be removed – hopefully before they become a big problem. Another reason to remove tumours is if they are ulcerated or growing so large that they are causing an impediment to movement or quality of life.
Willow was booked in to have a few of hers surgically removed. The procedure went really well and this photo was snapped very soon afterwards – Willow doesn’t look too impressed but she was back to her usual bouncy boxer self in no time at all.
We just love her face!

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