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Have a look, it’s a Vegan Platter : kimchiandwasabinz

Have a look, it’s a Vegan Platter ?
Which one do you reckon – A Vegan platter or a carnivore platter sells itself more ?!
We never know, the only truth is we’ve received heaps platter orders for Christmas season already!
Get your party sorted by talk to our friendly staff ?
Phone 03 5390968 / 021 667715
Address 157 Trafalgar st, Nelson
We push ourselves to make the most
We produce yummy brekkie, lunch, dinner tea for locals
We offers the latest and freshest platters !!!

To comply the system for safer community !
Yesterday was the first day of new Traffic Light System nationwide, our customers were dealing with it and us gently – Thank you everyone who stopped by and say hi!
The full article is followed:

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