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My Seedling Journal: Tim’s Garden

My Seedling Journal – available to download for FREE from our website.
We were due to host a seedling workshop today at the Parent and Child Expo, however due to an increase in COVID cases within the Nelson region and the resulting uncertainty, this was postponed.
Our seedling workshop was set to be a fun and educational chance for children to start the process of growing edibles from seed and then tracking and caring for the seedling in their own seedling journal. As we can’t be there to do it with you, we would instead love to share this resource with you to do as a project with your kids at home or school.
Please share this post with any parents or teachers you might know, tag them below or direct them to our website to download ‘My Seedling Journal’.
Good luck we look forward to seeing the results!
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Let’s Talk about Companion Planting. ??
Companion planting is a great way to work with nature to avoid pest problems or improve growing conditions in your garden without the use of chemicals. An organic garden does take some thought and planning and companion planting is great step towards a healthier garden that continues to provide for you and your family.
There’s a wide range of flower and herb combinations that will grow great with your vegetables, however selecting herbs and flowers that attract and shelter beneficial insects will offer better support with your crop.
Some suggestions for companion plants that attract beneficial insects include:
? Nasturtiums
? Calendulas
? Dill
? Chamomile
? Borage / Comfrey
? Sunflowers
? Zinnias
? Cosmos
? Marigolds
? Tansy
? Dandelions
? Coriander
? Caraway
Having some of these close to your edible plants or around the garden will help to attract insects and bring your garden and it’s soil to life.

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