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Hogeys Street & Surf – Your local go-to for street and fashion wear

Casey and Trudy purchased Hogeys on over four years after working for many years in other retail shops. The mother and daughter duo have one thing in common, that’s a great sense of humour which they say helps when interacting with their clients and customers. They have always been working together and are very honest when they say they have had their moments, but their bond is strong and enjoy working as a team, they would not have it any other way.

Both being very talented, Trudy owned Hair salons for years with Casey qualifying as a hairdresser. “You have got to make your business work and I think it’s nice when people walk in the store, and they get to see both of us in the shop most of the time”. There is the old saying in hospitality, you can have a bad meal but good service or you can have a good meal with bad service, you will always remember the bad service. That is also true in retail. One thing they both pride themselves on, is great customer service, building loyalty, listening to their clients and having fun on the way through, not taking life to seriously.

Hogeys provides fashion for all ages Trudy explains, “We wanted to cater for ages groups, and our brands reflect that, from All about Eve, Stussy to Ketz-ke and Elwood” They continue to be on the hunt for new brands, with some new labels arriving early next year which they are excited about… watch this space!!

The shop is well laid out, as soon as you walk in its edgy, stylish and fresh. This comes across on their website which is an important part of their business, Casey is very focused on this, “We have so many people from around the country that purchase from our online store, from Auckland to as far down south as Dunedin, and I love seeing how much attention it is getting, as I put a lot and time and effort in to getting this up and running after the first lockdown we had”.

Being family owned is reflective in their customer base, they have the same families that pop in to see them, which you create a bond with and get to know what they like as well as what pieces of clothing would be a match made in heaven for them. They also love being in Nelson, it is such a beautiful community with amazing local owned shops, having a lot of fun on the way, support local, shop local, be a local.


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