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Our most loved dish, Butter Chicken, sparkles: The Indian Cafe

Our most loved dish, Butter Chicken ✨ sparkles ✨ and is sold the most, more than any other dish on our menu, according to stats. Haven’t tried it yet? Get in on the hype behind our *very famous* dish, you won’t regret it!

In the mood for Chicken Tikka?

Lacchha paratha. What is lacchha paratha you ask? A layered whole wheat flatbread to be specific. It’s a layered version of our regular delicious counterpart ‘paratha’ or parotta. It is layered in a way that each little crevice of it has the tasty, salty goodness of melted butter ? This means, that in every bite, you will taste that salty goodness! Come in today and try it out with your favourite curry. Trust us, you won’t regret it ?

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