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Kimchi & Wasabi – Nelson’s First Pick Your Own Sushi Place.

Before I wrote this article, I had heard good things about this place. I’ve often driven past to see a line of happy customers streaming out the door and onto the street.

A bit like an undercover agent, I decided to go in under the radar. It’s a sunny Friday afternoon and I fill my plate with yummy sushi and variations of the different styles. I’ve never seen such a wide range of Sushi before. Knowing my eyes are bigger than my belly… I push on to complete my mission. A friendly smile greets me at the checkout. As I sit in the sunny outdoor seating area, this is bliss. All 100% fresh and perfectly cooked. A world-class experience. I get it. I see why there is often a line out the door at busy times.

I think I’ve discovered a gem here. However, I’m 2 years behind the uptake.

Speaking with the manager, Summer Kim, she is full of positive energy. They opened in December 2019 and now employ 20 staff. They have staff from the Philippines, Thai, New Zealand, France, Japan and Korea. We also have Vietnameses, Burmese and Chineses in the house – we learn something everyday from our cultural experience to make better and new menus.

There is even a cafe next door, which they run called Dabang Coffee. I tried their Iced Coffee, and it was incredible. Their hot coffee even has the NZ fern design in the milk topping. That’s how you know they know what they are doing! Have you ever tried doing that?

“We provide tasty, healthy and yummy lunch sushi and dinner meals for our much-valued customers – opening throughout the day and night to serve as many as our customers we can. We use the finest ingredients from local produce like Oaklands Milk, Crossbow Coffee, Benge & Co and Raeward Fresh… just to name a few. We also like to share interesting info about Korean food culture on our Social media pages.” says Summer Kim.

Interesting fact: Did you know “Yaki” is a Korean term for “Stir-fried”?

Here are a few examples of what’s on offer:

Teriyaki Salmon Donburi, Crispy prawn Tempura, Chicken or Vegetarian Sushi platters, Tempura crumbed Tofu, Fresh Salmon Donburi, Tuna Sushi, Bacon Sushi and more.

On their Facebook page, you can see a common question being asked – “When are you opening up a shop in Richmond?” Well, the good news is YES, they have a location booked and are working through the council process.

Their chefs are always working on refining their recipes from feedback from local Nelsonians, which means there is an ever-changing freshness to the menu. They are evolving with the times.

The owners are Korean, and are keen to stay behind the scenes, but are great community people. They want to support locals in any way they can.

When they are not working, they love to visit local restaurants and go fishing. The buzz from living in this part of the world never gets old.

Summer Kim does all the social media posts and you can feel her enthusiasm both in-person and online. She’s cool and genuinely loves what she does.

In the CBD feeling hungry? Be sure you visit them. Support local and enjoy some fine Asian food culture, whether it be a takeaway for lunch or a dinner meal – or even a refreshing iced tea, you can thank us later.

Located at 157 Trafalgar Street, Nelson (just up from the movie theatre)

Open hours:
Monday closed
Tuesday – Saturday 9am – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 5pm (catering booking email)

Explore the virtual tour at Kimchi and Wasabi

Click here to find out more…

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