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Nutrients to expect when you’re expecting

Are you a mum to be, or looking to conceive? Did you know that nutrients play a crucial and incredible role in all stages of pregnancy, from preconception, during pregnancy and growing a healthy baby? This makes sense, considering your cells are literally made up of the food and nutrients you put in your body. Nutrients become particularly important when growing a healthy baby and ensuring you stay well nourished in the process.

What is it and when should I start preparing?

Thinking about your nutrient levels in the lead up to conceiving is a fantastic way to support a healthy pregnancy and long-term health benefits for mum and baby. Normally, it is recommended to start nourishing your body at least three months prior to conception, but the longer the better! This nourishes the quality of the fertilised egg, as well as the health of the uterine lining and corpus luteum to support a healthy pregnancy for mum and baby.

Key nutrients for before, during and after pregnancy

There are a number of key recommended nutrients required for a healthy pregnancy. As it’s difficult to get all of these nutrients from your diet alone, finding high-quality nutritional supplements at the recommended dosage is highly recommended.

Here are the nutrients most crucial to a healthy pregnancy for mum and baby:

Folate (B9) – additional folate is highly recommended before and during pregnancy to prevent birth defects that affect the baby’s brain and spinal cord – often called neural tube defects.

Iodine – this is essential for the production of maternal and fetal thyroid hormones.

Choline – this plays a crucial role in a baby’s brain and spinal cord development, and protects your baby against neural tube defects the same way the folate does.

Methyl nutrients – B12, B6, B9, B2, zinc and choline are all nutrients involved in a process called methylation, which plays a critical role in gene expression, cell growth and repair.

Omega 3 – adding an omega 3 (EPA and DHA) supplement pre, during and post pregnancy has been shown to support healthy neurological and immune development in children.

Iron – this is a crucial nutrient! Did you know pregnant women need almost double the amount of iron that non-pregnant women do?

Probiotics – a baby’s microbiome is created from the mother’s vaginal microflora during delivery, or skin microflora for c-section babies and from breastmilk as an infant.

All of these nutrients and more are found by combining the following:

BePure’s Mum’s One – a quality multivitamin designed for pregnancy
BePure Two – probiotics to set up a healthy microbiome for mum and baby
BePure Three – sustainably sourced omega 3s to support healthy brain development.
One for mums

Preconception, pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding all require abundant and diverse nutrient stores, which is why BePure Mum’s One was researched and formulated to include crucial pregnancy nutrients – folate, B12, choline, iodine, magnesium, and iron – making it the ultimate pregnancy multi. It is designed to support your body and baby through the crucial years of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Always read the label and take as directed. Supplementary to a balanced diet. BePure Health Ltd, Auckland. TAPS PP8408.

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