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Questions to ask before choosing a Funeral Home: Simplicity Funerals

Choosing the right funeral home is a big decision to make therefore before committing, you have a right to ask the right questions to ensure that your loved one will be looked after as you wish and that you are receiving the best value and service within your price range.

What’s included?
Not all funeral homes operate the same when it comes to pricing and packages. When you are making an enquiry, always ask what is included in the price they are quoting, including g.s.t. Some funeral homes advertise their g.s.t. exclusive price and therefore it is easy to get caught out.

How will my loved one be taken care of?
Not all funeral homes have a mortuary or refrigeration facility therefore it’s important to ask about the care of your loved one. What happens when they have been transferred from home or hospital or rest home? Where do they go? Who will take care of them?

Not all funeral homes have trained mortuary staff, so it is a good idea to ask the questions? If there is no mortuary, where are they going and who will check on them?

What are my options for a funeral service or non-funeral service?
First, consider what type of services you would like the funeral home to provide and if you are fortunate enough, you may also have had a conversation with your love one before they died.

It may have been your loved one’s wishes not to have a funeral at all, however you and your family may need something to acknowledge your grief and loss. This could be simply viewing your loved one or sitting for a time with their casket, either open or closed.

You may wish to play some soft music whilst you are present with them. And you may consider travelling with them to the crematorium and being with them on the last leg of their journey.

All of these are requests that we are often asked, and it is important to understand where this will happen and how your loved one will be presented.

Not all funeral homes can offer what you’re looking for, so asking the questions up-front will help you make the right selection.

Remember to ask if the Funeral Directors are trained, experienced or qualified
Q: Would you take the advice on your health from someone that called themselves a Doctor but had not training or experience?

A: Probably not

Q: Would you let someone that called themselves a Midwife assist with the birth of your child or grandchild that had no training or experience?

A: Probably not

Q: Then why would you place your loved one that has died into the care of someone that called themselves a ‘Funeral Director’ but they had had no training or experience?

A: My answer would be, I wouldn’t.

Unfortunately the Funeral Industry is not legislated therefore you don’t need to have any experience, training or qualifications to call yourself a ‘Funeral Director’ which unfortunately has been a problem for some families who have had poor experiences and interactions with their chosen Funeral Home.

A Funeral Director that has undertaken training with the appropriate education provider within NZ will have studied many areas of the funeral industry including care of the deceased, the appropriate and dignified ways of transferring a deceased person into the care of the funeral home, grief, and the legalities around the disposition of a deceased person.

If you want peace of mind, you can look for the FDANZ (Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand) sign which means that the funeral home is a Member of the Association and meets the high standards of operating and stand by a Code of Ethics.

We understand that these may be difficult times for you and if you would like to feel supported by a professional, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us (03) 539 0066 or
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