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We’re not your regular landscape gardeners!: Tim’s Garden

We’re not your regular landscape gardeners! We are passionate about gardening and do so using organic methods, and we integrate permaculture principles where practical. For those of you who are new to the Tim’s Garden community here are a few of our key principles:
? Organic – we don’t use any harsh chemical sprays and use certified organic products where possible.

? Edible Landscapes – ​Gardens can provide healthy and sustainable food so we integrate edible areas into our designs should our customers request it.

? Ecologically Conscious- ​We try to source sustainable building materials, reduce waste, reduce unnecessary travel, compost our green waste, and work with local suppliers.

? Permaculture – ​We integrate smart planning and efficient layouts using these principles.

? Natives – We build soil, plant to the local conditions and encourage biodiversity.
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Are you ready for a happier, healthier summer garden?
Grab your ticket to our upcoming RAINWATER HARVESTING workshop and take advantage of this fantastic natural free resource that helps promote great soil health and increase your crop yields.
Led by Tim, this workshop will cover the following topics:
? Why have a rainwater tank and what is a suitable size for your home
? Rainwater tank samples and how to install a simple kit
? Irrigation systems
? Water-saving tips for your garden
? Q & A Session
?️ When: Tuesday 22 February, 5:30 – 7pm
? Where: Tim’s Garden, 1/26 Gloucester St
? Price: $10 per person
?️ Tickets:…/rainwater-harvesting…
*Please note: numbers have been limited to 15 people for social distancing purposes. Masks and vaccine passes are mandatory for entry.

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