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Hoffman Natural Health – Naturopath, Nutrition and Herbalist in Nelson City

Camille Hoffman is a registered naturopath, nutritionist and medical herbalist. She was born in Portland, Oregon in the USA and had visited New Zealand on several occasions before making New Zealand her home 5 years ago. Both her and her partner fell in love with Nelson and the outdoor lifestyle.

Even while I write this article, I’m seeing beautiful photos on her Instagram page from a current hiking trip near the West Coast. She is a real asset to our region and ‘walks the talk’ when it comes to healthy living and getting amongst nature.

Camille has her clinic space set up on the first floor of the building just above Hopgoods Restaurant upper Trafalgar Street. It’s a light and inspirational space that feels cosy and peaceful.

In her earlier years, Camille worked as a pastry chef. She became the owner of a bakery in Bar Harbor, Maine and enjoyed having her own business to nurture. Her passion was nutrition, and this led to her completing a Diploma of Naturopathic Medicine.

“It was an intense time with 3 full-time years of study. I worked hard because I knew I wanted to help people live life to the full. My philosophy has always been that the body will do amazing things to heal itself, but sometimes we need to give it some extra tools to do the job. I look at the big picture and use a process where I study my clients’ general lifestyle, dietary patterns, identify blocks and track the process.” says Camille.

As we chat, I get flashbacks to my own health journey, where I had toxic poisoning from my exposure to boat building paints and fiberglass. It was not an easy task, and I couldn’t help but wonder, if only I had reached out to someone like Camille, I would have healed a lot quicker. Sometimes the traditional GP process isn’t enough and doesn’t suit some situations. A 10-minute consult can only do so much. Although Camille strongly advises people to team up with a good GP and she is committed to working alongside medical specialists.

Her approach begins with correctly identifying and addressing the underlying causes and ongoing drivers of symptoms and health conditions, using a thorough health history, physical examinations and functional testing (when appropriate). She then provides a comprehensive action plan to help begin the healing process, which may include nutritional therapy, herbal remedies and lifestyle recommendations.

“We live in a complicated world, where stress, diet, sedentary work and general work/life balance can be really hard to get it right. After using natural remedies to enable my mother to overcome substantial health issues that doctors claimed she would not survive, I was inspired to retrain as a natural health practitioner to support others that the medical system has left behind.”

Camille works in partnership with patients and in cooperation with their current medical teams. Consultations are available online via the virtual consulting room and in-person clinic appointments in Nelson.

Camille is a professional member of Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists of New Zealand (NMHNZ). NMHNZ is a full member of the World Naturopathic Foundation which requires global educational standards and regulation and have a commitment to naturopathic professionalism.

Camille is engaged in ongoing professional development and regularly attends conferences and workshops in New Zealand and overseas. She has a keen interest in nutritional therapy and functional medicine and keeps up with the latest research in the field.

Get in touch with her today, it could change your life.

Level 1, 284 Trafalgar Street, Nelson NZ

Call / Text 021 268 7037


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