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Happy National Farmers’ Market Week!

Happy National Farmers Market Week which runs from 12 to 20 March! As part of National Farmers Market week, the Nelson Farmers Market is having an autumn harvest festival!

National Farmers Market Week is an annual celebration that highlights the vital role farmers markets play in the nation’s food system. Amidst a global pandemic and nationwide change, it is now more important than ever for markets to bring people together and provide fresh and affordable food.

Autumn is the favourite time of year for many of the stallholders at the Nelson Farmers Market. As Craig Thornley from Tree Ripe Orchard explains ‘Autumn is the most settled season and you get to harvest ALL your fruit’. It is where all the hard work comes together and you get to harvest the fruits (and vegetables) of your labour. It is a time of abundance and beauty.

To celebrate this year, our stallholders have created a recipe just for you using their (and others) fabulous locally grown and season products. Please stop on by the Nelson Farmers Market this Wednesday 16 March from 8am to 1pm to collect your recipes and enjoy all the Market has to offer.

Davi from Gostoso likes Autumn because, in Brazil, where he comes from they don’t have seasons. ‘It’s either hot or very hot’ he laughs. Davi has lived in New Zealand for 14 years and the seasons changing still amaze him. ‘The leaves changing colour and falling from the trees. It’s quite incredible really!’

Warren, our resident honey person loves autumn because this is when he harvests his honey and finally gets to fructose of his labour. ? Warren has lots of different honeys at the moment including West Coast Rata, West Coast Kaimahi, Beech Honeydrew, Manuka, Clover and Cinnomon Honey. Please come check it out. Wednesdays at 23 Halifax Street from 8am to 1pm.

Samantha from Sugarmoose likes Autumn as she really enjoys creating delicious baking using autumn harvest fruit, particularly the last of the stonefruit and strawberries. ‘There is a special sweetness to them’ she explains. Sugarmoose lives pairing this fruit with warming spices. As part of our Autumn Harvest festival Sugramoose has prepared something special for you so please pop on down on 16 March from 8am to 1pm and check it out.

Rozmeri from Little Shaggery Farm likes Autumn because of the changing colours of the leaves in the orchard. It looks beautiful and you still have a great supply of fruit. Beauty and abundance!

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