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We pride ourselves on authentic Indian food: Little India

We pride ourselves on authentic Indian food, with no added sugar or MSG, no thickeners in our sauces, and we use traditional tandoors which have a clay pot and are fired by charcoal.
Our takeaway and delivery service uses bio cane containers for all our rice servings. That means we’re helping to reduce your carbon footprint as well as enjoying amazing food! ? We’ve got the best Indian food in town, so why not give us a try? Click here on the link to view our takeaway menu today //

Our menu has a clear guide! ? To help you figure out which dishes are suitable for your diet.
We have an easy key to figure out which dishes-
⭐️ Contain gluten
⭐️ Contain egg
⭐️ Are vegetarian
⭐️ Are vegan
⭐️ Are dairy free
⭐️ Are vegan on request
⭐️ Are dairy-free on request
If you have any questions, please send us a message or ask our team next time you’re in our restaurants! We look forward to seeing you soon at your local Little India >>

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