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Jewel Beetle’s Coming of Age

I’m a true believer that life unfolds exactly how it should, and it was through a mutual friend that I was destined to meet Yvon and share the next 18 years working together at the bench creating beautiful jewellery.

Over the years, Yvon and I have not been at the forefront of social business gatherings or networking meetings. We represent the quiet achievers tinkering away creating at the workbench and juggling our life commitments as working mums. Our business has survived on word of mouth and our core family values to provide a really down to earth approach to business. Many of our customers have become good friends and we’ve been on this journey together.

In 18 years, we’ve seen many changes like the emerging need for e-commerce, the global financial crisis and of course the covid pandemic. We’ve used many of our skills as mothers to help us navigate through these tough times and are privileged to both have supportive partners, friends and family that have also supported us along the way.  Ultimately though, as working Mum’s, our business has always taken a backseat when being home was more important, like dropping everything to pick up the sick child from school or the call from hospital when there’s been a nasty mountain bike accident. These are the challenges and heartfelt reality of two women in business navigating through whatever life throws at us.  I feel this has also helped us connect to our customer base which is largely women at similar life stages.

We enjoyed making some truly unique and memorable pieces over the years. Jewellery is often an emotional purchase, a celebration of a special occasion. Working in a job that not only feeds your creativity but also puts smiles on dials is deeply satisfying.

I recently read statistics show that 70% of business partnerships fail. So today on Jewel Beetle’s 18th business birthday, I feel pretty fortunate to still be working alongside Yvon and very proud to still be running our small but successful jewellery business through these tumultuous times.

By Allison Judge, Partner – Jewel Beetle



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