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The Pomeroy’s Story

⁠Founded in 1989, Pomeroy’s is an industry leader in the development and roasting of the highest grades of Arabica Coffee beans from all over the world. We are incredibly proud to be 100% family owned and operated. We have a team of incredibly passionate people who are committed to sourcing and creating coffee and tea blends of the highest possible quality.⁠

We absolutely love our community and would be honoured to learn a little bit more about those of you who follow us on here. Are you local to Nelson/Tasman? Or do you live in another beautiful part of Aotearoa (or even further afield)?

Our coffee has won numerous awards at the New Zealand Coffee Awards, and we consistently strive to meet ever changing consumer needs and wants.
We have a team of passionate people that work to bring out the best in every bean. Hayden our Chief is one of only a handful of people in the world that is Certified to Judge the ‘World Brewers Cup’ a competition all about taste. Having placed 3rd in NZ in The New Zealand Cup Tasters Championship, he is pretty handy to have tasting Pomeroy’s Coffee, to make sure we only offer you the best.
Pomeroy’s has always envisioned providing not only the highest quality single origin coffee’s but also the finest teas. With one the widest array of tea selections in New Zealand, in the last few years we have also gained a relationship with one of the oldest tea farms in Sri Lanka. Their knowledge and passion for traditions and processes allows us to bring to New Zealand, world class teas. We also blend a selection of our teas onsite in our town store, so our list is ever evolving!

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