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A slow dripulator and the covid-19 synergy at Aromaflex

This is a slow dripulator. Used for essential oils that are top and middle notes. Prevents the essential oil from coming out the bottle so fast. Just sniffing from the bottle can be enough. Did you know that “a sniff is a dose” for animals. Never apply essential oils directly on animals! They will leave a room if the smell is too strong.

This pack contains, the tea tree nasal spray, the bacteria buster spray and the covid-19 synergy. Shelley originally formulated the synergy in NZ’s first lockdown in 2020 by comparing the chemotypes of the essential oils against the covid-19 molecule. Feedback in the shop has been great, the formulations work a treat. Packs are always cheaper, as they are slightly discounted when products are grouped together. Instructions supplied.

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