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Sneak peak on Gluten-free platter: Kimchi and Wasabi

A quarter of 2022 is now done ✔️
We team K&W have had the busiest time, the happiest customers, the cheekiest behind-the-scene during this uncertain time. . . We have been pretty lucky and grateful ❣️
How was yours?
Was it the party with our gorgeous platter which brought your life back to you? Was it snapping quick takeaway on the road trip? Aw was it hot cabinet Korean food after a dip near Maitai spot?
We are looking forward to more memories and stories of you, it definitely makes us grow more!

Sneak peak on Gluten-free platter ?
Yes seaweed is great source of antioxidant, vitamins, iodine AND Gluten-free !
Even though we have to inform that, as a commercial kitchen, it is not qualified as a GF but we’ve had heaps of ceoliac customers – They are happy to explore our Gluten-free range because it’s pretty good I guess?
Look how colourful this is as well ✨

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