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Munro Dental – helping Nelsonians smile since 2020

Did you know that tooth decay is the second most common disease in the world, after the common cold? Plaque forms on the surface of a tooth and converts sugars contained in foods and drinks into acids that destroy your teeth over time. This, along with inadequate exposure to fluoride and a lack of removal of plaque by tooth brushing can lead to tooth decay, pain, and sometimes tooth loss and infection.

Going to the dentist doesn’t need to be a stress or something you roll your eyes at. Munro Dental has a warm, friendly vibe. The reception area feels unique to many other dentists I’ve visited over the years. Think modern and contemporary, more day spa than dentist. The newly installed industrial steel beams frame the entrance nicely and give it a cool rustic flavour.

Alex and Melissa Munro are a fun and upbeat couple who have combined their strengths and formed this exciting new venture on 37 Bridge Street (opposite the Dowsons arcade) which has been open since September 2020.

Alex was originally from Tauranga and met his wife Melissa in London where they started raising a family then decided to move back to sunny Nelson in 2004. Alex is an experienced Dentist, who has worked in London and back in Nelson over the past 16 years and has built up a great reputation and customer base.

Melissa grew up in Nelson and is a qualified Accountant and runs that side of the business including managing the HR aspect which she loves.

“Everything is so close and convenient here. It’s a great place to raise our kids. We are into all the outdoors lifestyle including Mountain biking, Paddle-boarding, tramping and more. We wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

Their service has expanded since we last chatted.

“We have been steadily growing and now employ 9 staff. Two Dentists and a Dental Hygienist. Plus three experienced Dental Assistants, Karen, Renee and Jacquie, who make their patients feel relaxed and at ease. Alice is their capable young Dental Assistant in training, and she livens up the atmosphere and is keen to learn, Claire manages the reception and greets the patients, along with Rachel who is also an experienced laboratory assistant.

“Todd Verner is a highly experienced Dental Surgeon who trained in Sydney. He was the principal dentist in a high-end dental practice in the Sydney CBD and we are lucky to have him with us here in Nelson.”

“Previous to moving into the new building, it was the $2 store and it had to be completely renovated for earthquake strengthening. We had the opportunity to create the new space from a clean slate, which has been a lot of work but we love it”, says Melissa.

Alex says, “The new equipment was sourced from Germany and is top quality. We love having the latest technology, not to mention artworks from local artists adorning the rooms. It feels great having our own systems and the new location is very relaxing and easy to access. We manage the sterilisation tasks in separate rooms which are all nicely set up and out of the way. Our online booking system is fantastic. It helps things run smoothly and efficiently, and we always factor in spaces for emergency appointments which can save someone a lot of pain.”

“One of the things I get excited about is being able to help change attitudes to dentistry. It’s not a scary process like some people may imagine perhaps from the old days. Seeing people learn how to take care of their teeth and happily rebook for their next annual checkup brings me great job satisfaction. We make the whole process feel warm, friendly and pain-free every step of the way.”

You can tell they genuinely love what they do. There’s an upbeat vibe and a family atmosphere that will make anyone feel at ease.

Find them at 37 Bridge Street, Nelson

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm
Saturday 9 am – 1 pm

For appointments call 03 548 0000 or visit their website to book online

Explore the virtual tour at Munro Dental

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