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Massage Treatments for Stress Awareness Month: Woman Day Spa for Women & Men

April is international Stress Awareness Month. At Woman Beauty in Nelson, we feel proud that we can offer you a place to escape the everyday stresses of life. And our massage treatments are the perfect way to take time for yourself.

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Massage Treatments to help you destress:
There is no doubt that stress is a part of everyday life. Whether work-related, a relationship issue or just the general business of life, almost everybody will have occasions where they say they feel stressed. But help and escapism are at hand, right here at Woman Day Spa in Nelson.

Here are three ways that massage treatments can help relieve stress:

1: And… Relax…
Massage triggers an automatic ‘Relaxation Response’. This response manifests as a slowing down of your heart and breathing rate, helping your muscles relax. This relaxation response may also trigger an increase in the ‘happy hormones’ serotonin and dopamine.

2: Sleep Well:
If you have been feeling stressed, there’s a good chance this may have affected your sleep. Before long, you find yourself in a bitter circle of feeling stressed because you can’t sleep and not being able to sleep because you’re stressed! But regular massage can help you spend more time in deep sleep, the restorative stage in which the body barely moves.

We don’t even mind if you drop off during your massage treatment at our Nelson Spa. In fact, if you do, we feel satisfied that we’re doing our job well!

3: Beat the Blood Pressure Rises:
Massage helps to stimulate your blood circulation, which helps lower blood pressure. So, if your stress levels are causing your blood pressure to build, a massage can definitely help.

At Woman Beauty in Nelson, we offer a range of massage treatments for men and women. You’ll also find massage included in some of our Pure Fiji Body Rituals and Spa Packages.

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