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Lash Lifts: Lash Lounge Nelson

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A lash lift aims to give your eyelashes an upward curl and is a semi-permanent treatment. They have been labeled as a perm for your lashes and even a push-up bra for your lashes. Lash lifts get the job of an eyelash curler done with a gentle chemical solution and can be done on any set of lashes. The process is entirely customizable, and you get to determine how lifted you’d like your lashes to turn out.
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Because most beauty treatments aren’t uniform, the length of the lash lift varies between customers. On average, they last about six to eight weeks and you’ll notice slight shedding as the time approaches for a relift. Don’t worry, this shedding is completely normal and the natural way our eyelashes grow regardless. Again, everyone is different and some will need a relift sooner or later than others.
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