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Baby on the move – Nelsons one-stop baby shop

This week we spoke with Marianne. She is the owner of Baby On The Move in Nelson. She’s a mother of 2 and is very passionate about her services to parents and families in the Nelson region.

Baby On The Move is a national franchise owned by two very hard working kiwi women who have been at the helm since 2008. They sell everything from car seats, prams, nursery furniture, maternity support products, baby feeding items, baby clothing, toys and more – the range of products is huge.

“We are a team of 4 ladies who love what we do. We believe 100% in our products and every newborn is a completely different experience for growing families. Having a baby is such a special gift and keeping them safe is a top priority.” says Marianne.

“It’s been 1 year since I bought the Nelson franchise and the business is expanding. Word of mouth is getting us out there and we have been getting amongst it in the local community. Our staff are fully trained and hold NZ Qualifications as Child Restraint Technicians – but we prefer to call it Car-seat Educators as that is our passion and there is always something to learn. We make sure when you purchase or hire a car seat off us, that it is installed correctly. Current research shows that 80% of NZ car seats aren’t installed correctly and that’s a very concerning statistic.”   We are trying to improve that statistic, through education and support, one family at a time.

“A car seat worth $225 installed correctly, will be safer than a $1000 car seat if installed incorrectly.

It’s our job to work with the car seat manufacturer’s guidelines and the make and model of the car. Knowledge of the two is important as they both work together.”

“There are a lot of situations parents find themselves in that might require them to hire a tiny life jacket for a one-off boat trip, or a car seat for when they visit the grandparents out of town for a holiday. Hiring a car seat from Baby On The Move fits the budget and ensures it is fitted correctly. It’s not the kind of thing you want to carry onto a plane.”

Buying for a baby requires skill and expertise. Our staff are fully trained and help make this task a fun experience and they ensure they tailor this to the needs of the family.

Prior to this venture, Marianne drove a Black London Taxi Cab for Weddings. She has some hilarious stories from those days. Like the cab breaking down on the way to the wedding and hailing a Kiwi Experience bus to deliver the girls to the event. Having a sense of humour is key in managing stressful situations and these skills are never wasted. You can tell Marianne is a fun person to work for and the staff are one big family.

The Nelson store is located at the start of Akersten Street on the way to the Nelson boat marina. It is an ideal location with easy and free off-street parking. The Nelson shop is one of 14 locally owned franchises NZ wide.

Their website has loads of great information, including an online shop and is a good place to start if you want to view their huge range of baby-friendly products. There are some great package deals and sales as well. Support your local and pay them a visit.

Find them at 4 Akerston St, Port Nelson
Call 03-547 2555


Explore the virtual tour at Baby on the Move

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