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Composting for beginners: Tim’s Garden

Composting for beginners
In Nelson, kitchen scraps and garden waste make up a third of household waste which is taken to the landfill.

In a landfill, organic waste releases methane, a major greenhouse gas. However, composting uses air, moisture, and heat to convert the organic waste into carbon-rich soil. This means composting is not only a great way to do your part in reducing waste sent to landfills but also a fantastic way to feed your garden and save you money!

Producing your own compost saves you money

Just think, if your waste is reduced by 1/3 of its regular capacity, you don’t have to pay for so many bags or bin loads and it’s as simple as separating your kitchen scraps and garden waste from general waste.

The bonus is there is no need to purchase additional compost for your garden and you can reduce the number of fertilisers used. This will mean not need as much watering and will deliver a bountiful crop of vegetables or flowers.

Common Misconceptions

Some common misconceptions of compost include it being smelly, attracting rodents and pests, seeming too daunting, or too expensive. But we are here to set that all straight and provide you with some simple tips to avoid common composting problems and make composting easy!

Below are some tips to get started, for more information including a chance to discuss your questions join one of our regular composting 101 workshops held in-store.

Workshops are limited to 15 people so a great chance to learn from others while ensuring your unique questions are answered.

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