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Hospo – game changing tech solutions for the food & beverage industry

We’ve all read about the brain drain in the news. In this case, it’s the opposite. Meet Adam. He’s a very personable and innovative individual who happily lives in Nelson.

Adam completed his studies at Otago University and brings a powerful skill set to our region. There are two sides to his business.

PosBoss is a subscription-based software system that operates as a till via an iPad. It’s ideal for cafes, bars and restaurants that want a system that’s simple and easy to use. There are many venues in Nelson already using this and loving it. Some iconic Hospo spots like Arden, Bobbie Franks, Jacks Island, Le Plonc, Harvest Kitchen, Golden Bear Brewery, Eddyline Pizzeria, Rimu Bar and many more.

“With the recent challenges with Covid, the Hospitality Industry has had to do a major rethink. Older systems make it difficult to understand where the business is at in ways of profit margins, stock inventory and more. This new system works beautifully and the owner can log in from any location and check the metrics. Having an iPad as a till provides more space at the counter and is easy to keep clean.” says Adam

Upstock is the second side of his business. It’s a clever wholesale stock ordering software that saves time and simplifies, what can be a real nightmare creating invoices and doubling up of admin tasks. This is suited for food and beverage manufacturers/wholesalers/suppliers and is free for hospitality sites to order from all their suppliers.

“With tasks like ordering and selling stock, it automatically generates invoices that easily synch with Xero and MYOB, and which the accountants love. And with Nelson’s active food & beverage scene it is a no brainer to use a modern system that’s designed for busy people to use.”

To mention a few local clients who now use Upstock… Chia Sisters, Aquafresh, Petes Natural,  Black Neudorf Garlic, Pomeroys Tea &Coffee, Yum Granola  and many more.

The team that develop this powerful software are mostly based in Wellington. Most of the staff are former software designers from Xero, so they know their stuff and have got your back.

We are lucky to have Adam here. He’s a keen mountain biker and a family man who loves to give back to the community. Adam has worked alongside “The Buzz”  youth centre to help train up young people with mental disabilities who have left school and need to learn skills to help them move into employment.

“They learnt how to operate and use the PosBoss system helping them to be job-ready for cafe work. They picked it up very quickly and with the shortage of overseas workers, now there’s an exciting career path for them here in Nelson.”

“Living in a place like Nelson reminds me what life is really about. Technology will never replace human interaction. My passion is helping local businesses enhance that interaction by embracing technology. Whether its front of house at a busy Restaurant or ordering new stock from the suppliers after a long day, it motivates me to hear about how much of a difference it makes to the lives of our local food & beverage heroes working hard to maintain our reputation of being a vibrant region.”

You will see they also sell hardware and offer to consult, which might be a game-changer for a local business.

It’s always interesting to get to know the person behind the software. We often forget it’s talented and passionate humans working on these programs. The goal is to make life a lot easier for an industry that has been hit hard in recent years. Energy saved is spent on serving people and providing a wonderful customer service experience – and that matters.

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