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Treat Your Mum with Jewellery for Mother’s day: Jewel Beetle

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to remember, acknowledge and thank that special person in our lives that shaped us to be the people we are today. Whether the mother figure in our lives was our mum by birth, our grandma, aunty, sister, foster mum – Mother’s Day is an opportunity to say “Thanks Mum, I appreciate what you do for me”

If your mum is like me and doesn’t like a fuss, maybe just a hug is enough! But if you want to really spoil her and treat her to something nice, we have compiled some great jewellery gifts mum will love.

Flowers are the most popular gift for Mum. The tradition of Flowers on Mother’s Day started in May 1907 by Anna Jarvis who held a small memorial service in honour of her dearly departed mum.

Why not give Mum some flowers that will last a lifetime?
Our Flower jewellery collection is a great place to start. Orchids, Daisies, and Manuka flowers are available as earrings and pendants in sterling silver and gold on request.

We have a great range of jewellery available but if you can’t find what you are looking for, have you considered a bespoke piece of jewellery? Get the whole family in on it and make it truly a special gift from all of you. As an example, we have created ‘Family Tree’ pendants incorporating birthstones that represent each member of the family.

Our family tree pendant in sterling silver is also a good option at $345 in sterling silver.

Did you know that Swallow birds are a symbol of love and loyalty?
Our swallow jewellery collection starts from $99 for a pair of sterling silver studs.

Is your mum the ‘Queen Bee’ in your family?
Our beautiful bee pendant, earrings or charm might be a nice option. Our Bee jewellery collections starts from $49 for a silver charm.

♥ Mum will love whatever you choose! ♥
We have a large range of beautiful items in our shop that will tell your mum how much you appreciate her. Our jewellery range starts at $45 for a little silver charm.

Is your mum creative?
Why not sign her up for one of our ‘Ring Fling’ workshops? She can create her own ring design in wax that we then cast in silver or gold for her. Or make it a family fun day and sign the whole family up for a group booking.

Let us know if we can help you with a special gift for your mum! We offer free postage if you are out of town or unable to give her your present yourself and we are happy to gift wrap your jewellery purchase for you too. We have beautiful greetings cards made by a local artist if you would like to add a card with a personal message.

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