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Come join us at the Roastery on New Street, Nelson: Sublime Coffee

It’s back on back on back on!!!
Come join us at the Roastery on New Street, Nelson, as we toast to a positive 2022. It’s been a while and we have some fun and games for the whole family.
Sausages, tasty browns and good vibes!
Grab your friends and enter the “puck & spoon race”, “coffee sack racing” and “defect coffee cornhole” to win some great prizes. There is also a “fluffy brigade” colouring competition.
Four events will take place nationwide, in the regions on Thursday 30th June. Many thanks to our generous sponsor Vertical Logistics who are assisting with some monetary contribution towards the beers and sausages and sorting and sending the games kits.
We emphasize that rsvp tickets are vital to confirming numbers on the night for catering, games, health, safety, and alert levels. All current hospitality precautions required will be followed.
RSVP now! Link in our bio

Bronze baby coffee beans weighing in around 300gms. Each one slightly different and made to fit perfectly into the palm of your hand. Sculptured by Nick Duval-Smith
Purchase from our website or from the Roastery on New Street.

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