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The band is back together with a new member- Rachel: Baby on the Move

The band is back together again – and we have a new member! We are delighted to introduce you to Rachel Corser who starts with us on Wednesday. Rachel and her hubby Sam have 2 kids (2 and almost 5) so she will be familiar with many of our products and services. Rachel shares a passion for car seat education and is keen to learn all the tips and tricks for safety & proper use! We already know she will fit in well to our friendly and fun team and we look forward to getting to know her better. Fun fact: Marianne drove the black cab for Rachel and Sam’s wedding 8 years ago ?
Welcome to the team Rachel ?
Xx Marianne, Rach, Meg & Leilani

What a week! Thank you to all of you who booked appointments and were patient while we were one crew member down ?
This week we are back with a full team and introducing a new edition to the BOTM Nelson family!
Bookings as always are essential for car seat installations and checks, give us a call if you have any questions or need to enquire about a product.
☎️ 03 547 2555
? 4 Akersten Street, Port Nelson


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