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Long appreciation post coming…Sweet not Sugar

Long appreciation post coming……Sam and I always laugh that when couples do this, we think it usually means the relationship is in trouble! But to the contrary, I believe it takes something extremely special to do what we do together. You might be shocked by this, but I haven’t made any of our cakes for months! The cabinet at Montgomery Square is all Sam, the slices, cheesecakes, quiches, pies are made at all hours of the night and morning by my incredible man. After 9 hours a day at Sealord, I just can’t face it. Sam makes it happen. He comes back to our other kitchen after a full day’s work and churns out everything for the shop. Then he gets up an hour before me and garnishes it all and cuts it up. He let’s me sleep in for just that little bit longer. I am so excited that we finally have some help coming our way. If you have applied for any of the positions, we should have been in touch (again Sam) and hopefully will start interviewing this week. I’m sure it’s going to get even busier in our lives but we have a goal or even a dream and thanks to you all, we hope all our hard work will be worth it x


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