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Little India restaurants nationwide will be adjusting menu pricing

This June, Little India restaurants nationwide will be adjusting our pricing due to increasing costs which are out of our control. As you know, the hospitality industry has been hit hard with the effects of COVID-19, and there are multiple cost increases that we can no longer afford to subsidise. We want to be as transparent as possible with our amazing and loyal customers, so we felt that it was important to let you know and share some examples as to why we need to adjust our prices.
∙ We are getting continual price increases from our suppliers, often at short notice. An example is a lamb supplier recently increased our price of diced lamb by $10 a kg.
∙ A lot of our spices and dry goods are sourced from India. The cost of container shipments have increased, as well as delays on stock and item prices are also continuing to increase.
∙ The increase in inflation is pushing our supplier prices up.
∙ Wage rates are continuing to increase. Immigration New Zealand has recently changed the rules re employing migrant workers. There are many more costs we are facing in becoming Accredited Employers to hire migrant workers. The hospitality industry is so heavily reliant on migrant workers that before COVID, up to 60% of the hospitality workforce in NZ was made of Migrant workers. We are still continuing to struggle with staff shortages that are effecting our normal trading hours.
If you wish to pay by credit card, as of June 1st we now will be passing on the credit card service fee to our customers. We have always taken these charges on ourselves and unfortunately we can no longer bear the costs of this, however it is increasingly common for retailers to pass this on to customers. This service fee will be 2% for Master or Visa Card, 2.5% for American Express, 3% for Diners Card and a 2% for online transactions.
We are very grateful to have shared our family recipes with you for the last 30 years, and we look forward to sharing them for another 30. Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding. ?

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