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Nelson City Council has partnered with Women’s Refuge to add a new tool to our website

Nelson City Council has partnered with Women’s Refuge to add a new tool to our website that allows victims of domestic violence and/or abuse to seek help and information without alerting their partner.
Technology has extended the reach of abusers. Abusive partners may use a phone’s GPS location, a victim’s email or banking passwords, even their web history to keep tabs on them. Making it harder than ever for those looking for help, to find it.
If you need to use the tool go to, click on the icon at the bottom of our page (see the red arrow in the image). This will launch something called The Shielded Site, where victims of domestic violence can access a shielded portal through which they can contact Women’s Refuge, access a live chat function, find out how to make a plan to safely get out of a dangerous situation, learn how to stay safe online and get answers to questions about what comes next – all without fear of it showing up in their browser history for anyone else to find.
If a visit to the Nelson City Council website would be out of the ordinary for you, the tool is available on many other New Zealand websites including, but not limited to, Countdown, BNZ, ASB, Stuff, Spinoff, Trade Me, and the Warehouse.
If you are in a place where it is safe for you to access their site – there is more information here: This information can also be found in secret by clicking on the icon on our website.
If you are in immediate danger the Women’s Refuge advice is to call 111, run outside or towards other people if you can, take children if you can, don’t stop for anything else.

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