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Hot Stone Massage at Mind and Body Therapy

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage and heat as a treatment is not a new concept and it has enjoyed waves of popularity for around the past 2000 years ago when the Chinese were first reported to have used this therapy.

There are old remains and pools all over the world in Germany, Rome, France, England – famously known for its pools in Bath, closer to home we had the Pink and White terraces in Lake Rotomahana before Mount Tarawera erupted and of course Rotorua and Hanmer Springs.

Why is Hot Stone Massage so good?

Firstly there is the warmth of the stones and warmth in general, during a Hot Stone Massage the body temperature can be expected to rise by about a degree and warmth is associated with safety and relaxation.

Traditionally basalt stones can be used, however I choose to use granite stones (ethically sourced) as these also allow for a light exfoliation of the skin during the massage which adds an extra benefit to the client.

One stroke with a Hot Stone is the equivalent of ten strokes of regular massage and the heat allows the benefit to get deeper into the tissues for a more effective treatment.

For next level relaxation try a Hot Stone Massage. Book here.

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