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Miscarriage & Baby Loss Support Circle: Simplicity Funerals, Nelson

I am delighted and very privileged to be part of this beautiful event. Offering a supportive circle and space to feel supported. We are not counsellors, we are not therapists, we are just two women who feel passionate about supporting women who has gone through pregnancy or baby loss ? We would love you to join us. With love, Anna and Marta.

Pregnancy and baby loss is more common than people think. Between 10-25% of all pregnancies the parents never have a chance to hold their babies in their arms. Yet in our society the emotional and spiritual impact of such loss is hardly acknowledged or supported. Baby losses are hard to talk about. Yet there is an enormous need for such support and healing.
We would love to provide a supportive circle, where we give space to everyone’s stories. This might include guilt, deep sadness, anger, or any kind of emotions on a variety of spectrum. Please know we are to support as women passionate about this topic. We do not offer or replace counsellor or psychotherapy services as we are not qualified in that, but will be able to connect you with such support services if needed.
Pregnancy or baby loss is a rite of passage, the impact on our energy and life might affect the way we are being in this world.
Our aim is to hold you and your story in a safe ‘container’ in a small group environment, so you can feel heard and validated and tell your story.
We gather to share our stories.
To create memories, to honor those little souls, and plan heart centered rituals to connect deeply with our experiences.
We would love to invite anyone who is looking to take a step on their healing journey whether your experience of pregnancy or birth loss was recently or many years ago to this free event.
Please know spaces are limited, so registration is required.
Looking forward to seeing you beautiful mama.
With love: Anna and Marta

FRIDAY, JULY 15, 2022 AT 6 PM – 9 PM
Miscarriage & Baby Loss Support Circle
Simplicity, 276b queen street, Richmond


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