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Elba’s Pazza Pizza – friends making authentic Italian Pizzas in Kirby lane.

I follow my nose. The sweet smell of fresh pizza guides me as I walk up to the trendy blue Pizza cart. I’m greeted by two warm and friendly guys. Meet Gus, he’s from France and Cherif he is from Italy.

Two friends who have very diverse backgrounds have teamed up to combine passions for delivering authentic Italian Pizza and a great price to Nelsonians.

“We are like a family, we have worked hard to present our portable pizza service so we can share our culture with the Nelson community. Most of our ingredients are authentic, from Italy and the wood fire makes all the difference. You can’t create authentic Italian flavours with an electric or gas oven. We proudly stock local products like yummy Gelato Ice Cream the and Chia Sister’s juices, and local vegetables.” says Cherif and Gus.

Cherif wanted to launch something unique.
With their design skills they custom-made the food truck. There is even a real wood fire inside, which was a challenge to build.

“We took ages to choose blue colour as we wanted it to be just perfect. It’s a work in progress and we are always chatting about small refinements. It’s part of the fun.” laughs Cherif.

Cherif has travelled the globe on a bicycle. It’s something we can all admire as that’s no easy feat! The passion and the hunger for adventure is something kiwis can easily relate to, and running a food cart is another adventure.

“We laugh a lot, which makes the time go fast. Our mission is to recreate the feeling of Italian beauty and freshness that we sometimes miss in our daily lives. We want to take our guests into the small Italian streets and markets and we want to transport them to the land where you can discover history, food and classic novels. Our goal is to create and grow a community that will rediscover all the traditions that are getting lost nowadays.” says Cherif.

The Kirby Lane space is ideal for them, and they get to chat with the locals and are building up a strong following. The popular Kirby Lane night markets always keep them busy, let’s be honest who wouldn’t want a warm, authentic Italian pizza on a chilly evening?

Their prices are very reasonable and with Gluten-free and Vegan options, there’s something for everyone. You will often see the times they are open on their Facebook page, with lunch deals for students, it’s a no-brainer if you are on a tight budget.

Know that you are supporting locals in more ways than one, and Gus and Cherif are great people adding their flavour to our local CBD. Give their Facebook page a like and drop by and say gidday! And while you’re there I dare you to order the Margherita (it’s my personal favourite!)

Winter hours:
Wednesday to Sunday Lunch: 11.30 – 2pm
Dinner: 4.30 – 7pm

For more info email

Visit their website




Explore the virtual tour at Elba’s Pazza Pizza

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