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The matariki star cluster will rise between 21-24 June: Nelson Farmers Market

For those of us who follow the lunar calendar the coming week is very important. On 21 June is winter solstice, the day there is the least amount of sunlight. According to the astronomical definition, winter begins with the winter solstice.
For the first time ever Matariki will be marked by a public holiday on 24 June. Matariki is a time to celebrate new life, to remember those who’ve passed and to plan for the future. Traditionally matariki was used to assist with harvesting and crop planning. When the star cluster which makes up matariki disappeared in April/May, it was time to preserve crops for the winter season. When it re-appeared in June/July, tohunga would read the stars to predict the upcoming season – clear and bright stars promised a warm and abundant winter while hazy stars warned of a bleak winter. The matariki star cluster will rise between 21-24 June.

Rainbow Kitchen will be at the Nelson Farmers Market this Wednesday 22June (they now come fortnightly) so pop on down and grab yourself a vegan pie, so good that meat eaters love them. This month’s latest inspiration is satay pumpkin. The Nelson Farmers Market is open at 23 Halifax Street from 8am to 1pm.

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