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Mind and Body Therapy – Counselling and Relaxation massage

It’s always interesting asking local business operators how they ended up in Nelson. This one takes the cake!

Meet Jo Hender, she’s a warm and friendly mother of two who loves a good laugh. Jo was born and raised in Plymouth in the UK. Most people when they decide to travel the world they book a flight… Jo sailed a 30-foot Gaff Cutter!

With a taste of adventure and a love for the seas, Jo worked on the Spirit of New Zealand, which is a classic sailing ship that works with youth. It wasn’t long before Jo was senior mate, and took on the responsibility of multiple roles from running the youth program to cleaning the bilges.

“Part of the ethos of the program was to have a go, keep busy and every day we all had to jump overboard together. A bonding and also a scary experience for some. We would navigate using a sextant and we shared many golden moments with the young people through these unique experiences. Running an old sailing ship is a very manual task that requires old-fashioned elbow grease to get things done. I loved every minute of it.” says Jo.

Jo has also worked on the Greenpeace boats for a time. You can see how these experiences have shaped her into who she is today. Practical and motivational are two things that go hand in hand.

Mind and Body Therapy is a unique service that Jo has created. Counselling and Body Massage work together.

“When my mum passed away 2 years ago with Cancer, I had a strong yearning to do all I can to make a difference in people’s lives in a practical way.” Jo is a third-year Diploma of Counselling student at NMIT, and has been enjoying doing her practicum placement supporting women through Women’s Support and Perinatal. She can offer counselling sessions with the understanding she is still completing her studies.

Her massage qualifications cover relaxation massage and now the very popular Hot Stone massage services.

“I wanted to create a safe space for anyone to get some pampering, top-up their batteries, have a chat. Seeing a counsellor doesn’t have to be when you are at rock bottom. Talk therapy is an incredibly powerful way to manage depression, anxiety, relationship problems or any challenge that is making it hard to function in their day-today activities.

The research on talk therapy has convinced me that this is one of the most practical ways to work through relationship challenges. We all have a baseline from which we build our foundation for living. The people I work with are operating below this baseline, their foundations are unsteady and they need support to return to their baseline and beyond. Life can be hard sometimes, and I love helping others reach new levels of enlightenment and know that they are in control.”

Mind and Body Therapy is located at 5 Church Street (above Kush Cafe). It’s easy to find, and the space is calm and quiet. Jo has made a big effort to create a haven in the heart of the Nelson CBD.

Bookings can be made via the website, where you can select a time that suits your schedule. There you will also find gift package deals, relaxation Tui Balms, and red some interesting blogs.

It takes a brave soul to sail across the ocean, it takes a braver soul to undergo the journey within – but it’s worth it!

Visit the website for bookings


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