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In order to Restore Health, we must stop ignoring and suppressing symptoms and begin to Treat The Cause: Hoffman Natural Health

This really says it all, doesn’t it? #treatingthecause is a foundational principle of naturopathy and really sets us apart from mainstream medicine.
Some tools we use to identify your root causes (no two individuals are alike!) include:
?Thorough health history (connecting ALL the dots to find the thing behind the thing…..ahem, behind the thing that initiated or is driving your symptoms)
?Functional testing – some of my favorites are OAT (organic acid test) which is great for those with post viral syndromes and fatigue, and DUTCH hormone testing which provides insights into hormone levels and the health of elimination pathways that might be affecting hormonal balance.
?Routine blood work – we evaluate your lab results from a functional perspective – looking at the big picture and identifying areas that may be within “normal” range but not optimal, these are valuable clues that help pinpoint what is going on in the body, and how the body has adapted.
?And of course signs and symptoms!
Have you wondered why you feel the way you do? Let’s find out together – Book your free call Here


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