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A snapshot of one of my absolute favorite tasks: Hoffman Natural Health

This is a snapshot of one of my absolute favorite tasks – a patient has just sent me 4 years of fasted labs to interpret. ? I guess I’m in the right career if that makes me happy ? It also helps to hear the Hermit thrushes singing in the background…bliss!
?Did you know that naturopaths and functional practitioners interpret routine blood work in a TOTALLY different way than mainstream medicine? We look at all your labs through a functional lens – this is to say we are not just looking to see if you fall within the average range, but we look for markers that are out of the optimal range, and by looking at the big picture, we can see patterns, and these patterns offer huge clues as to how the body is functioning, and adapting to imbalances that may be occurring.
?Of course we covered lab markers of all kinds in school, but I wanted to dig a little – okay, a LOT deeper and I’m happy to say I’ve just finished a comprehensive diagnostic master course covering everything from electrolyte, lipid and liver panels, full blood count, inflammatory markers and much more…a real deep dive which has been super challenging and rewarding…I am feeling like I have super powers looking at labs now!
?This is just one of the many tools we use to dig deep and find the root cause of conditions…and the beauty is, many people have years of labs already sitting in their computer….just waiting to be interpreted.
?Note – please remember to fast (water is fine) 8-10 hours before your blood draw, and avoid strenuous exercise for 2 days before as well. Your results will be more accurate and more useful when it comes time to evaluate them.

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