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How do you know when you are out of balance?: Mind and Body Therapy

How do we know when we are out of balance?
In the usual run of days and weeks we all experience days that are happier than others and this is all just part of the ups and downs of life. These ups and downs can be affected by all kinds of factors. For example: not enough sleep, too much screen time, stress, a busy time at home or work. There can be many influences over our daily moods.
Question: Do you know the factors that influence you the most?
And do you know when the scales are sliding in the wrong direction with the down days being more common than the up days?
What would you notice that would make you stop and do something different to turn those down days into up days?
Understanding your own ‘normal’ and noticing when a change is needed can be all it takes to help turn things around. Enlisting a close friend or partner to give you a tap on the shoulder if they notice things can also be helpful.
Spending time on identifying your own ‘toolkit’ of things to do makes it easier to put it into use when you need to. It can be as simple as getting an early night, allocating some time for your favourite book or a walk in the hills with a good friend. It’s amazing how many of us don’t stop long enough to reflect and consciously learn about these powerful concepts.
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Contact me if you feel like you need a chat about this in more detail. I can help you fine-tune your life so you can feel more balanced and healthy.

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