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Need some support when it comes to that time of the month? Health 2000

Need some support when it comes to that time of the month?
Period Pal has been specifically formulated with key herbs and nutrients to support a balanced, regular and drama-free cycle.
For every Period Pal sold during July and August, Eve will make a donation to The Period Place to buy two packs of pads which will support a woman for a month.


Your period mightn’t be something you’re excited about but it shouldn’t be something that, the arrival of which, gives you anxiety/ dread/ stress. Given that we spend one week anticipating our period and one actually having a period, that’s half the month or half the year where our periods have the potential to impact us in a big way.

If an anxious mind, moodiness, hormonal acne, irregular or heavy periods, bloating or cramping comes for you every month, then keep reading. We’re sharing five tips for a happier, less stressful period.

Ovulation is the main event of the menstrual cycle and is defined by the release of an egg into the fallopian tube. This tends to happen between days 13 and 21. But, for many of us, ovulating isn’t always happening.

If a period was textbook, oestrogen builds in the lead up to ovulation, and progesterone (the relaxing, feel-good hormone) surges after ovulation has occurred. How we experience our period and menstrual cycle depends on the balance of these two hormones.

If we ovulate, the surge of progesterone balances the effects of oestrogen which increases our metabolic rate, keeps our minds calm, reduces inflammation, and lightens our next period. If we don’t get that burst of progesterone, we can miss out on feeling all of those things.

Our ovaries require a steady supply of certain nutrients to work their magic each month so keeping our bodies topped up with key nutrients is the epitome of self-care.

These include:

● Zinc and iodine: particularly important for ovary function. Zinc can be found in pumpkin seeds and red meat, and seaweed is a rich source of iodine. Eve’s new ‘Period Pal’ has zinc and iodine as two of its main ingredients for this reason.
● Magnesium: Relaxes the body and mind. Think period cramps and headaches. Found in cacao, leafy greens, and avocados.
● Vitamin B6 helps clear our system of excess oestrogen and supports balanced moods. Found in poultry, sweet potatoes, oats, and bananas.

In high amounts, stress hormones can prevent ovulation and can lead to heavier or irregular periods.

This is because cortisol—our primary stress hormone, and progesterone—are both made from the precursor hormone pregnenolone. In response to both physical and emotional stress, progesterone production is parked in favour of cortisol.

When it comes to reducing stress, the cliches are a cliche for a reason: sleep more, limit caffeine, chill out on the HIIT classes, and practise mindfulness, meditation, and diaphragmatic breathing.

Eating regularly, eating enough, and the right kinds of foods helps your body be fueled enough for a healthy cycle and to ovulate each month.

For each meal, ensure you include a source of complex carbs, quality protein and healthy fat which stabilises our blood sugar levels.

Unstable blood sugars can show up as brain fog, a 3pm slump, irritable moods, and cravings. Whatever keeps you full for the longest time is the right diet for you.

Sometimes a little something extra is helpful, in addition to the top four tips above. Which is exactly why we made Period Pal.

With herbs and nutrients that nourish our ovaries and promote ovulation, we provide our bodies and reproductive organs with the fuel they need.

If you’re one of up to 40 percent of people who describe their PMS as ‘moderate to severe’ and for whom monthly symptoms like irregular periods, weight fluctuations, acne, bloating, and sleep issues are a common occurrence, Period Pal is your new best friend. Its formula of nutrients and herbs act to support healthy ovulation and progesterone production to help keep periods balanced and as hassle-free as can be.

For every Period Pal sold during July and August 2022, Eve will donate to The Period Place to buy two packs of pads to support a woman for a month!
Source: Health 2000


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