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Have a good cry!: Simplicity Funerals, Nelson

Have a good cry!
Did you know that human beings are the only living organism that cry tears of emotion? Crying is the body’s way of getting rid of toxins and our tears act as a release valve for stress, tension, depression and grief.
Our body produces 3 types of tears, each having a unique, healing role:
Reflex tears…..which clear out particles that irritate our eyes like fumes, smoke and dust.
Continuous tears….These are produced all the time to lubricate our eyes and keep them free from infection.
Emotional tears….these are the ones produced when we are sad or when we cry for joy or relief.
Emotional tears are healing powers for our body. They de-stress us. They calm us. They relax us. Emotional tears shed chemicals and toxins that accumulate when we’re stressed. Additionally, they produce endorphins, our body’s natural feel good hormones. And that’s why we say “I had a good cry” – because it is actually good for us!

How to create a Eulogy.
A eulogy is the tribute which is given to honour someone’s life. Usually a family member or close friend is asked to do this and there may be more than one tribute in order to cover different aspects of a person’s life.
Eulogies may cover everything from early childhood, school days, career, family life – parents, siblings, marriage, children and grandchildren to personal qualities, hobbies, club memberships and highlights throughout the lifetime. Read more here:

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