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Meet the phenomenal man Jim West at Matthews Eyecare Nelson

This phenomenal man is Jim West, specialist eyewear consultant extraordinaire, bike commuter, & recent addition to the Matthews Nelson team ???.
We launched straight into gleaning his hottest tips for the season – here’s what he had to say:
“There is always a need for polarized lenses this time of year. People often associate sunglasses with summer, but in Winter, when the sun is very low on the horizon, drivers often look directly into the sun on the morning commute. Polarized lenses are essential in these conditions & as a cyclist, I’d prefer them to see me. We’re lucky to have a bunch of cyclists commuting to work at Matthews… I commute from Hope approximately 22km each way.”
Bonus tip: Polarizing options include prescription & non-prescription sunglasses, polarized clipons & fitover sunglasses & are available photochromic & in various colours ?
Come in to the Nelson practice and see Jim for the very best advice in sunglasses and polarised lenses. Click the link below:

Click here to find out more…

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