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IPL Treatment in Nelson: Woman Day Spa for Women & Men

If you’re looking for IPL treatment in Nelson, you’ve come to the right place! We can help you with permanent hair reduction and skin rejuvenation using our state-of-the-art IPL machine, Sirius.

IPL Treatment in Nelson:

The Machine – Sirius. The Best in the Business:

Our IPL machine has brilliantly intelligent technology. This includes patented narrow band Ellipse IPL technology with dual filters. We use the machine’s customisable pulse duration to determine each client’s safest treatment parameters based on their Fitzpatrick skin type. These state-of-the-art systems allow us to safely and successfully treat a vast range of concerns.

PLUS Expertise:

Of course, there’s more to successful IPL treatment in Nelson than the top-class kit. You also need highly-skilled therapists, which is where we come in.

At Woman, we have invested time and resources to ensure that Delene and Aimiee are educated to a standard well beyond the regular manufacturer’s training. Both have completed the most comprehensive theory and practical 3-day programme in New Zealand. During three days of intensive training, they covered IPL & Laser Science and put their knowledge into practice at the NZ Laser Institute Training Centre under the watchful eye of expert tutors with over 30 years of combined industry experience.

They’ve also followed this up with a one-day practical course with the same training provider, the NZ Laser Training Institute.

Why Training Matters:

But why does this matter to you? Well, for two significant reasons:

  1. It keeps you safe! Although IPL is a widely used modality and growing in popularity, not all machines are created equal. Some devices are not self-calibrating. This means that their energy output can vary hugely between each shot, which in turn, can lead to burns. If a practitioner has not undergone the necessary training to help them understand the treatment they are performing or the machine they are using, then they do not know to correctly select a client’s treatment parameters for a successful treatment plan. Poorly administered IPL can lead to burns, permanent pigmentation and scarring.
  2. It saves you money: The intensive training courses we complete as IPL therapists give us in-depth knowledge of how to tailor treatment plans to provide optimal results. We know that IPL treatments are an investment, and we want to help you get the best bang for your buck! When you undertake a treatment plan, we use everything we learned in training to keep assessing your progress. We can also judge when it is appropriate to change your treatment plan.

If you are considering IPL, please remember the industry is unfortunately unregulated. Anybody can purchase a machine and begin offering IPL or laser services. So, it’s essential to do your homework on your practitioner. Do call in and speak to Delene or Aimiee, as they are experts in this field. We are always happy to answer questions on IPL treatments.

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