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Do you know how much caffeine is in your morning cup?: The Coffee Company

Do you know how much caffeine is in your morning cup? ☕ When we talk about different ways to brew, you’ll hear most people say that espresso is the method to give you the strongest result. If we only look at caffeine concentration, that’s definitely the case. Espresso packs up to 4.2mg/ml of caffeine, whereas moka pots & cold brew deliver about 1.25mg/ml and drip or plunger methods are under the 1mg/ml mark. But when we start to look at typical consumption, those numbers get shaken up a bit:
An espresso is typically 30ml, or 122mg of caffeine per cup. However, cold brew is usually served in a taller glass over ice rather than as a shot, so your 120ml of refreshing cold coffee delivers a hearty 149mg of caffeine, nearly 30mg more than an espresso. Here in NZ, we tend to prefer a full mug of coffee in the morning meaning that a lot of us are drinking 200ml+ out of a moka pot, or a whopping 250mg of caffeine!

All brewing methods definitely add their own unique flavour profiles to your cup, and the type of bean that you use also has an impact on those strength numbers. What’s your favourite way to brew a cup of coffee in the morning?

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