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6 hacks to stop the snacks: Health 2000 (Nelson)

If you’re like most of the population, (sn)accidents are a real thing and can be detrimental to your health and fitness goals. Here are six hacks to help stop the snacks.

1. Drink water

Did you know 37 percent of people mistake hunger for thirst? Before reaching for a snack, try pouring yourself a glass of water instead.

2. Add more protein to your meals

Protein keeps you feeling fuller for longer. Boost your breakfast by adding plant protein powder to your smoothie, oats, or cereal in the morning. To tie you over in between meals, have a plant protein shake or plant protein bar to satisfy your hunger.

3. Keep busy

If you find yourself opening the fridge because you’re bored, find something to keep you busy. There’s always a list of things that never seem to get done. Write these out and mark them off next time you catch yourself staring at the fridge.

4. Keep your kitchen clean

The easiest way to avoid eating junk food is to not buy it! If you enjoy something sweet after a meal, stir plant protein powder into coconut yoghurt for a high- protein, low-sugar mousse dessert. These will help satisfy that sweet tooth without compromising your health.

5. Get more sleep

Do you ever wonder why sugary or starchy snacks seem to magnetise toward you when you’re tired? When you don’t get enough sleep, your body is looking for extra sources of energy to compensate. Get more sleep and see if your snacking subsides.

6. Look for patterns

Identifying your snacking patterns is the first step to overcoming them. Do you snack when you’re watching TV, are you hungry after a workout or while you’re sitting at work? Beat the habit with these hacks!

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