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Glen James’ “keepsakes”

Gold hourglass pendant with ashes, Gold circular pendant with ashes.

Being a manufacturing jeweller a massive part of the work we do consists of a lot of custom-made pieces.

Over the past decades we have created many sentimental pieces with the inclusion of ashes of peoples loved ones and beloved pets.

Jewellery with ashes or ‘cremation jewellery’, are such special pieces that we love to create for people as part of their mourning process, you can wear them close to your heart and hold them tight in your hands.

Through this, we brainstormed other ways people could carry around a memory of loved one or a “keepsake” in a more accessible or different way, which lead us to Glen James’ “keepsakes”: A range of clear pendants to display any keepsakes you want to keep close to you.

Some may think that displaying just ashes in these pendants could be slightly morbid, which is why this fantastic product allows you to put any precious contents within.
All jewellery is subjective, and that’s what we love about it.

Rose Gold circular pendant with locks of a child’s hair.

We have showcased a small range of “keepsakes”, ranging from ashes of a loved one, Sand from Golden Bay as a memento to a proposal, locks of a child’s hair, and alluvial gold. With this range the options are endless.

These pendants come in three colour options: Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold.

And currently have four different styles available in each colour.

They are also made very affordable at $155 each. Which is why we have people all over New Zealand ordering them.

For Information you can call Glen on 03 548 4523 or email at
Or simply pop into the shop on Trafalgar Street, opposite Westpac.

Rose Gold wrapped vial pendant with ashes
Silver circular pendant with alluvial Gold.

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