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Happy Spring Global Soapers!

Spring couldn’t come quick enough! I know it’s been wet everywhere but us Nelsonians are happier than most at the prospect of warmer temperatures and hopefully some settled weather patterns. Global Soap happens to be situated on Nile Street which bore the brunt of the first onset of flooding but we’re luckily on the edge of the issues and came through unscathed.

Our usual supply of NZ’s cleanest river water was compromised however when the Maitai burst it’s banks but we’d fortunately heeded the inclement weather warnings and stockpiled a good quantity to ensure manufacture was unimpeded. While one trip was required to another high quality spot on Takaka Hill, I’m pleased to advise the Maitai River is now running clear again.

Thanks to all of you wonderful customers who enquired to make sure we were all ok.

The Smell of Spring

Nothing screams spring like new blooms and this September we’re highlighting the Rose Geranium Body Soap which is always in our top three sellers each and every year. Exquisitely feminine, the combination of rose, geranium and orange essential oils provides a premium olfactory experience and elicits a sense of calm and stability.

This scent combination really shines as a nervous system tonic – perfect during times of stress, mood or energy swings and particularly supportive during hormonal transitions such as pre-menstruation or menopause. It’s balancing effects works as productively on oily or dry skin and assists in calming acne, eczema and broken capilliaries. It’s antiseptic properties help regenerate minor burns, wounds and skin ulcers … you can see why it is popular!

Added Oils ….

The addition of Jojoba Oil and Carrot Oil to our Rose Geranium Body Soap really amps up the nourishing and hydrating qualities of this multi-dimensional bar
Jojoba Oil (pronounced ‘ho-ho-bah’ phonetically) is an amazing natural substance derived from the seeds of the Jojoba shrub native to Southern Arizona, southern California and northwestern Mexico. It possesses an unusual chemistry of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids and fatty alcohols which resembles more of a liquid wax than an oil. This mimics the composition of sebum which is produced by our own skin to nourish and moisturise.

Carrot oil is intensely hydrating and contains extraordinary skin protection and conditioning properties.

Spring Fever Offer

Make Spring springy as a springy thing with Global Soap’s ever popular Rose Geranium Body Soap. Just spend $30.00 (excluding GST and freight) and be sure to put “ROSE” in the notes section of your order and you’ll receive a large naked bar of pink zen on us. Offer ends September 20.

Happy Spring Global Soapers!

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