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How they feel after a 20 minute EMS training?: bodywave

We asked our clients ‘How they feel after a 20 minute EMS training?’ ⚡️?? “Awesome’, ‘Invigorated’, ‘Activated’, ‘Boosted’,’Worked out’, & so much more! EMS at bodywave studio is REALLY that good! Book to try this tech- training today!

We love using miha bodytec Australia/NZ gear because it is high end excellent EMS training equipment ?

EMS is a unique! It uses electro impulses to achieve involuntary muscle contractions and together with voluntary muscle contractions you can achieve a faster, more effective workout in 20 mins.
The combined muscle contractions allow you to achieve results that are so good that you feel like you’ve just done a 2hr workout.
EMS uses low impact exercises to increase muscle strength and help to change fat into muscle.

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