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Congratulations to Nelson Mayor-elect Nick Smith!:

Congratulations to Nelson Mayor-elect Nick Smith!?

The new Council will be officially welcomed to the organisation on Wednesday 26 October ahead of their first Council meeting for the triennium. Please note that final results are expected midweek, so there could be changes to the preliminary results where races are close.

?To everyone who stood for election – thank you. We’d like to acknowledge your efforts, the time and energy you put into your campaigns, and the constructive conversations we’ve had as a community as a result.

?To everyone who voted in this election – thank you. Your participation is local democracy in action. We’d like to acknowledge the time you took to learn about the candidates and the new voting system. The voter return was 51.13%, being 20,082 voting papers, excluding special votes.

Now, here’s to a productive triennium. ?

**2022 Nelson City Council – based on preliminary results**

– Nick Smith

?Council – At Large:
– Rohan O’Neill-Stevens
– Tim Skinner
– Rachel Sanson

?Council – Central Ward:
– Pete Rainey
– Aaron Stallard
– Matty Anderson
– James Hodgson

?Council – Stoke-Tāhunanui Ward:
– Mel Courtney
– Campbell Rollo
– Trudie Brand
– Matthew Benge

?Council – Whakatū Māori Ward:
– Kahu Paki Paki

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