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Inform Remedial Massage – knowledge is power

We have all heard the famous aphorism shared by the early Greek thinkers “Know thyself”

It’s a philosophical message that can be applied to multiple situations in our daily lives.
Let’s take that a step further…

When it comes to your physical body, “knowing thyself” and what your body is needing from you is an empowering pathway to pain relief, increased movement, injury repair, confidence and well-being.

Meet Jess, she is a highly qualified massage therapist who has studied at the University of Auckland and Southern Institute of Technology and holds a diploma in remedial massage. Her style is unique in the fact that she believes that explaining what’s happening under the surface in the muscles to her clients is important to helping them maintain a mind and body connection.

“Being informed and making sense of what”s going on with your body, can empower you to take control of your health and wellbeing.”

“If you understand how your muscles are working, and where there may be areas of damage or injury, it’s easier to adjust things like posture and perform the correct stretches to avoid future repeats.

Sometimes I get the vibe that someone doesn’t want to engage in conversation and that’s perfectly ok. We all know there’s a time and place for the pure relaxation experience. Life can get busy and noisy at times.” says Jess.

The studio is a beautiful space. It’s next to their home and completely separate. Beautifully renovated it feels calm. There’s a professional massage table with colourful stained glass windows with cane roll-blinds allowing the sun to partially shine in. It’s been well-designed and its impressive!

Prior to her massage season, Jess worked for 20 years in Radiology. Digital Imaging from MRI scans have evolved a lot in that time and I can imagine that would have added a huge insight into the knowledge of what”s under the skin which she can transfer to massage.

Jess is a longtime practitioner of Yoga. She loves mountain biking and road cycling and has competed in multi-sport events. So she understands the needs of athletes and nonathletes alike. She genuinely enjoys helping anyone who wants to learn about their body. It’s obvious her extensive knowledge and heart for what she does is a powerful combination.

Jess was kind enough to give me a complimentary consult and massage. I learnt the names of muscles and tendons which I don’t dare try to pronounce (or spell). I can honestly say it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I now have a visual image in my mind of where my previous mountain bike injuries lay and catch myself slouching and correct when my posture suffers. Knowledge is power.

On the weekends’ Jess and her partner enjoy working on their lovely 1940″s Villa restoration project.

“It was formerly a Tomato garden and pack-house, and we love the way it feels inside. YouTube has been very helpful for us to learn DIY tips – not to mention my brother is a joiner, so he”s been very helpful.”

Located at 110 Grove Street, The Wood, Nelson, it”s easy to see the aqua-green sign on the gate. The Wood is a cosy part of Nelson, right next to the hill it’s a quiet and blissful place to be.

Making a booking is easy via the web or call/text 021 0247 6434.
Pricing is on the website and if cost is a barrier – consider visiting her at The Victory Community Centre on Wednesday mornings. Contact VCC directly for Koha clinic bookings.

Know that Jess is flexible and will always try to accommodate you if you are in pain. It’s great to see local Nelsonians sharing their knowledge and skills to help the community.
110 Grove Street, The Wood, Nelson
Call/text 021 0247 6434.

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